shaoxing city shangyu haoyun trading industry

shaoxing city shangyu haoyun trading industry

we are one of the most professional exporter about the shoe accessories in china ,which was established in 2005


A warm celebration of the official establishment of the company's website

       Our company was established in 2005 and we  hope to develop business 

by our website . 

       we promise our customers , all website contents are serious , frank,

real,detailed and newest at any time . for anything else ,please feel free to 

contact with us by this website VIP email or feedback .

      we try our best to reply you asap within 24 hours as long as it is work day 

except rest day or holiday .

     Here is china legal rest day and  festival  for your reference :

 1. Saturday and Sunday are rest days (sometimes adjust  in order to getting 

a  continuous rest day with festival together)

 2. legal festival:

2.1  New Year's Day ( 1st/January )

2.2 Spring Festival-Chinese new year  ( the last day of chinese  lunar 

calendar  to 6th day of chinese new year ) total 7 days .

Chinese new year festival is happened  around the end of January to middle 

of Febuary according to  Gregorian calendar.

2.3 Ching Ming Festival ( it is happend  4th/April or  5th/April) 

2.4 International Labour Day (1st/May) 

2.5 the Dragon Boat Festival(5th/May of chinese lunar calendar. it is happened 

on June according to  the Gregorian calendar) 

2.6  Mid-Autumn Festival (15th/August of chinese lunar calendar )

2.7 National Day( 1st /October  to 7th/October) total 7 days 

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